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(ノ▼д▼)ノ(≧Д≦)(。≖ิ‿≖ิ) (o・ω・o) (○⌒∇⌒○) (○´3`) you can't expect me to pick just one

erika pls ]]

You’re best at RPing…


(Send me one that you think I’m best at)

(ノ▼д▼)ノ Action

(≧Д≦) Angst

(。≖ิ‿≖ิ) Banter

(o・ω・o) Fluff

(○⌒∇⌒○) Fun

(○´3`) Romance

(♥∀♥) Smut


People honestly need to stop belly aching about people not wanting to follow/rp with someone who rps a certain ship.  And it’s the same group of people all the god damn time.

  1. The ship might make them uncomfortable and therefore don’t want to see it.
  2. Maybe it’s a personal thing and therefore it makes them uncomfortable.
  3. There are other people out there who will rp with you, one person or group of persons isn’t going to start the end of your world.
  4. You chose to like the ship so if someone doesn’t like it/feels uncomfortable/finds it gross, don’t get all hurt about it not everyone is going to agree with you.

A lot of rpers in this fandom seek out other rpers to do their ship anyway so why the hell would you want to try to do your ship with someone who dislikes it?  AND there have been certain people lately who send hate to those people who dislike certain ships, so you’re probably being just as bad as the people who send you hate for liking a ship.

Remember, never force your ship on someone, they rp on here to have fun and aren’t obligated to do the things YOU want.  If rping was a job, people would be getting paid for it.  People are allowed to not rp and rp with who they like.  If they feel uncomfortable, don’t bitch about it, move on, go find someone else.



Is that Ao no Exorcist

god fucking dammit
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//Yeah, Samael may have complete control over time and space, but once Lucifer breaks all the light bulbs in True Cross Academy, he’ll be powerless!

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How can lucifer be stronger than you if he only has power over light and you power over space and time.

     You do not understand demons very much do you, anonym?☆ 

All suffering originates from craving, from attachment, from desire.

Edgar Allan Poe (via helenavonkamelot)

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(You are not the only one, friend.)

[[I’m just—


(I feel u


//Can I get in on this?



(You are not the only one, friend.)

[[I’m just—

[[I already miss KLK ]]

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Can i hurt your waifu? ^^

     Can you? Well quite honestly she does happen to be one of our most skilled exorcists within the Order— directly below our Arc Knights and so forth. Whether or not you would be able to hurt her depends on your competence as a martial artist which you’ve yet to prove.

However, if that was you asking for my permission to hurt her, then well— that, anonym, is a completely different story. The answer is no— and since I am a bit of a teacher myself, the correct word is ‘may’. Not ‘can’.

[[ Also, not to sound awful at 8:45 in the morning, but you children need to read my art policy and stop reposting my shit in the Mephisto tag which I check on a weekly basis. I’m tired of seeing it and it says specifically in my art policy that you’re not allowed to do that. If you’re too lazy to go find the link I have placed plainly on my mun page here go read this:

Future reference:

  • Baconboopster and all the art on it is mine.
  • Mischievousmonarch and all the artwork tagged as blurple arts on it is mine.
  • petalmushmiracles on deviantart and all the artwork on it is mine.
  • spriteseer-mhi is my personal blog and i rarely post or reblog my own work there, but it is the best way to reach me and get info.

And all three sites are linked to each other. If I see this shit again, I am reporting you for art theftunless you can give me a good enough reason as to why you “didn’t know” or point me in the direction of the asshole you got it from (because they probably posted it on zerochan or weheartit).

Okay work time bye. ]]